September 7, 2015

My Experience With Renting a Luxury Car in Cannes


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Visiting Cannes was immensely exciting for me. This was the first time that I had visited France, and I was in awe of the great culture that the country has. Furthermore, when I arrived in Cannes, I was astounded by how beautiful the beaches and the scenery was. Thus, I knew that an area such as this would be perfect for driving. Thus, I went around and looked for the car rental services in the area. Here’s my experience with luxury car rental in Cannes.

luxury-bmw-hireCannes is known to attract a wide number of wealthy travelers each and every year. Thus, it goes without saying that in order to cater to these travelers, there is a lot of different luxury car rental services. Thus, It wasn’t too hard for me to get a list of many of the best-reviewed luxury car rental services in the area.

I was quite surprised to find that many of these services were able to provide very good prices for the high-quality cars that they had on offer. Even better, they were also able to provide a driver for the car for those that wished to hire one, no matter if in Cannes or from Apex Luxury Car Hire on Ibiza.

In my case, I wasn’t looking to get driven around, rather to drive around the beautiful city to enjoy it even more. Thus, after talking to a few friends that had used some of the luxury services I was looking at, they were able to provide me some great tips on the cars that I should use. They told me that I should only go for exotic cars that were manufactured in Europe. This is because they are able to provide the best prices for them in Cannes, and that they are usually more reliable than cars that these services had to import to the area.

Thus, I went ahead and hired one of the most well reviewed European sports cars for a week. I was amazed by the level of service that was provided by the rental service I had chosen. They were able to provide me with a whole number of great advice on where to drive to and what to do in those areas. Seeing as those working in the car rental shop were locals, they were even able to provide me with some great information on finding areas that are not saturated by tourists. This greatly increased the enjoyment of my trip, for which I created some cool Pinterest Boards.

In regards to the quality of the car, it was of the highest caliber. I was amazed at how well maintained the car I was driving was. Even though it was frequently rented out, it was still as though it was brand new. This meant that all of the features of the car were still perfectly functional and that the steering was superb.

Overall, luxury car rental in Cannes is something more and more visitors should consider. My experience was great and I was able to really enhance my overall trip in Cannes because of the great service that I received, I definitely suggest it to any traveler in the city.

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